The SMIR SAM Group offers its clients a property management service, drawing on its legal, technical and accounting skills and competencies. 

Administrative management

  • Establishing and drafting tenancy agreements and any potential amendments
  • Rent management (invoicing rent and co-ownership charges, paying in rents, applying rent hikes in accordance with applicable indices, paying co-ownership charges)
  • Drawing up management reports for owners/landlords
  • Monitoring rent payment deadlines
  • Where applicable, issuing reminders for rent payment, formal notice and payment orders (preparing casework for legal advisers)
  • Handling tax formalities for payment of tax
  • Managing damages covered by insurance policies
  • Liaising with the co-owners' association and attending co-owner meetings
  • Managing relations with bodies responsible for electricity, gas and phone contracts, etc.

Co-ownership management (association)

  • Call centre
  • Planning and holding meetings for co-owners
  • Regular visits and inspections of buildings to assess the maintenance of premises and the cleanliness and proper functioning of installations
  • Immediate handling of any potential break-downs, malfunctions and anomalies
  • Requesting quotes, checking work is being carried out to a high standard and is in line with the amount invoiced
  • Managing cleaning, repair and renovation work for the communal spaces and (upon request) private areas
  • Submitting final accounts in accordance with set deadlines
  • Writing up management estimates for upcoming years in accordance with set deadlines
  • Managing damages, declaring damages to insurance companies, providing assistance to specialists, including during on-site checks, requesting and supervising repair and/or refurbishment works
  • Day-to-day admin (paying suppliers, keeping general accounts for the co-ownership, drawing up management quotes/reports, requesting and cashing deposits)
  • Negotiating contracts with suppliers and paying invoices
  • Assessing feasibility in order to optimise costs (water, electricity, gas, telephone, cleaning, consumables, staff, installation maintenance, etc.)
  • Carrying out all formalities required by the various administrative bodies and competent authorities. 
  • Management fees as defined by the Chambre Immobilière Monégasque are set at 8% of the rent paid, with VAT payable in addition.