Becoming a resident of Monaco

Any foreign national aged over 16 who wishes to live in Monaco (for over 3 months of the year) or buy property in the Principality must apply for a residents' card issued by the Monegasque authorities.
Following application, a temporary residents' card valid for 1 year may be issued, with no minimum length applied.


The conditions for foreign nationals moving to Monaco vary depending on the applicant's nationality.
All foreign nationals must be able to provide supporting documentation proving they possess:

➢    Accommodation in Monaco with enough space for those intending to live there, meaning they must be: 
-    A property owner

-    A property manager or shareholder in a company that owns property

-    A tenant

-    Hosted by a family member, a spouse or partner

➢    Sufficient financial resources, meaning: a salary, professional income (sole trader or via a company), sufficient savings (the amount deemed to be sufficient varies depending on the Monegasque bank certifying you), financial support provided by a parent, a spouse or a partner.

➢    Good moral standing, to be proved via a clean criminal record or equivalent issued by the authorities of the last two countries the applicant resided in during the 5 years prior to their arrival in Monaco.

In the event that the individual wishes to leave Monaco, the residents' card must be returned.